All About Enoch

Hello! I’m Enoch Gonzalez and I’m a Photographer, a Dad a Husband, a Connoisseur of Movies, a Photoshop Master, a competitive person that loves Games and jokes, and well I could go on… …

Let me fill in a couple of the blanks about me…

  • Superman > all other Superheros / Batman comes in a close 2nd
  • I am kinda an Apple Fanboy
  • BACON! There are 2 kinds of people… people that love Bacon… and then liars.
  • Dad of 2 girls and I love love love love them… *And now a little BOY! Yay me!*
  • Married for over 17 years
  • Got a dog so that I’m not the only guy at home – Sawyer!
  • Dallas Cowboys #1 / But I cheer on my home team The Broncos
  • Favorite movie – I have more than 1, deal with it… Inception, Toy Story 1-3, The Goonies, 12 Years a Slave, The Conjuring, Die Hard, Nacho Libre, PeeWee’s Big Adventure, Interstellar, etc…
  • Hiked Pikes Peak 3 times so far
  • I HATE bugs – Tara says I’m a little girl with them – she’s not wrong.
  • Carousels make me sick – but I ride them for my girls.
  • Jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 11,500 feet – would love to do it again – wanna?
  • Love all music… FALSE. No one likes Nickelback.
  • I for one…liked the ending of LOST.
  • That’s what she said jokes – I use these all the time and probably shouldn’t
  • Favorite TV Show – Breaking Bad. I’ve binged watched it 3 times…
  • I drink at least 1 gallon of water per day
  • I kinda miss those WASSUP/Wasabi Budweiser commercials… it still makes me laugh.
  • Love taking pictures – Hate my picture being taken
  • Pie is truly greater than Cake
  • I shoot with Canon gear … just because.
  • I’m half Costa Rican – Mom’s side
  • I may snort when I laugh
  • I absolutely love to bake and cook
  • French pressed coffee is da’best

Reviews about Enoch… 🙂
“One heck of a guy!!” – New York Times
“Outstanding Gentleman” – Washington Post

“I wish I could be more like him.” – The Most Interesting Man in the World

“He’s my phone’s background.” – Mom

“My Hero!” – Superman